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Friday, 24 November 2006

Had a thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat

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Somehow, I always have to think of Alice’s Restaurant whenever the words “thanksgiving dinner” come up. “Had a thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat, went to sleep and didn’t get up until the next morning, when we got a phone call from officer Obie.”

I had a thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat – Maria and Cheryl, our very gracious hostesses, took me and two fellow lost children in and plied us with formidable sushi, teriyaki, spinach salad, and topped it all off with a wonderful tres leches cake. It was all a thanksgiving dinner – or any holiday dinner – should be: We completely stuffed ourselves (even if it wasn’t turkey), were completely relaxed, had great conversation, great stories and an overall wonderful time. I can’t give enough thanks for this random act of kindness by two complete strangers.

Afterwards, the three of us set off for another night out in Castro, touring a few bars before ending up at The Café again. The Café was celebrating its ten year anniversary – with a latin night. Perfect. I just love latin music. If there’s one thing that really gets me going, it’s latin. Actually, us whitebread boys were definitely in the minority this evening. But the fact that people tried to chat me up in Spanish tells that I can’t have looked too out of place there.

So, needless to say, a grand old time was had by all. We’re doing it again in two weeks – and then we’re taking Maria and Cheryl with us.

And I hope I won’t get a phone call tomorrow morning.


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