From August 2003 to October 2005, I worked regularly (3--6 nights a month) as a light and sound technician at Atelier-Theater in Cologne. The Atelier-Theater is on Roonstrasse, near Rathenauplatz. Its programme consists of a wide variety of stand-up comedy, cabaret, chanson and musical comedy, featuring local artists who play regularly as well as artists from abroad. It is run by a team of three wonderful ladies: Rosa K. Wirtz, Sabine Heinrichs-Knab and Andrea Bernshausen.

Among the artists I have worked with are

Working at the theatre was a wonderful contrast to my studies and my job. Everything I did for the theatre was volunteer work; I consider it my hobby, and as a way of contributing to the cultural landscape of Cologne. The theatre is a community where I always feel welcome and appreciated, and where my work was always rewarded.

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