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Saturday, 15 January 2005

David Sedaris: Me talk pretty one day

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Hm, that was a quick read. I got that book yesterday afternoon, and I’ve already finished it.

Imagine part “My big fat greek wedding", part Armistead Maupin and part Matt Groening. The result would be almost, but not quite, totally unlike David Sedaris.

I have to admit that I never really got what is so funny about Mark Twain, or Dave Barry, and the whole concept of a humorist somehow eludes me. That someone can write about everyday things, and it is supposed to be funny because he is writing about it – that concept is somehow alien to me. Sure, Sedaris’ book is funny. Kind of. Interesting. A light read. And I’ll probably read the other one I have here ("Naked") too.

But he does not provoke quite the kind of howling laughter that Robert Rankin does, not the quiet chuckles of Stephen Fry, not the delight of Douglas Adams.


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