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Thursday, 13 January 2005

The Yes Men

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This web site is absolutely hilarious. These guys are on BBC world, impersonating a spokesman for Dow Chemicals, and declare that they’re going to liquidate Union Carbide and shell out 12 billion $ to compensate the victims of the Bhopal disaster. And nobody suspects a thing.

They impersonate a WTO spokesman at the international trade law conference in Salzburg, and advocate things like the selling of votes, that violence in the banana market is OK as long as the prices stay low, and that long siestas and lunches in Italy and Spain should be outlawed in the interest of standardized business hours. Nobody gives a damn. Oh, the italians are a little miffed because they see it as an insult to their customs.

And so on, and so on … read through the whole site, it’s great.

There’s a movie out which is supposed to be in the cinemas right now (I wonder whether it will ever make it to Germany), there’s DVD out next month (but it’s region 1, so I can’t watch it until I buy a region-free DVD player), and a book is already available (at last, something that I can safely buy. I wonder when DRM on books will be introduced so I cannot read books that I order from the US. Come to think of it … perhaps one should go to a bookseller’s conference, impersonating a spokesman of the VG Wort and advocate exactly that.)

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