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Friday, 17 December 2004

Alle mal malen?

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Everyone who has been out in Bonn probably knows him: An old man with a satchel who arrives on his bicycle, enters the bar and walks up to all the guests, having a short conversation with them. When he comes to your table, he will begin his spiel as well: “Want me to draw you? Soll ich euch alle mal malen? I’m an artist. It’s cheap, just 10EUR for all of you. That’s just 5EUR per person. In Paris, you’d be paying thrice as much.” and so on …

If you are staunch, he will leave you and go to the next table; if you let him persuade you, you will end up with a picture like the ones showcased in this gallery.

The artistic merit of the works is dubitable at best, but it has been said that you are not part of the nightlife of Bonn unless you have been drawn by him.

I also have a picture by him, from an evening with Joe Sandor from Kansas some years ago in the Pille on Breite Strasse. (Which has since closed and was replaced by a more trendy place called “Lichtblick".) I will try to find again and send it in for the gallery.

Unfortunately, I lost track of Joe afterwards, and as far as I know, he has since gone back to the US of A. On the off-chance that he or someone he knows reads this, I would very much like to hear from him again.

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