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Wednesday, 05 July 2006

Charles Stross: The Atrocity Archives

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[cover]Hm. Seems like I slacked during these last few months with my book posts – they’re piling up here, and the last post in the books section was in April. So let’s get this over with.

I liked it.

That was easy!

OK, I think I can do a few more words.

The basic premise of The Atrocity Archives is that magic is not, well, magic – instead, it is a branch of mathematics that was discovered by Alan Turing shortly before his death. This discovery was kept secret from the public, and there is a branch of the British government, the Laundry, with the task of ensuring its secrecy, and of defending the United Kingdom from magical threats.

And of course, modern magical agents do not do magic with secret ingredients and incantations, but with the help of computers. And other highly unusual methods.

One can almost predict where the story leads from there. Rogue magical agent, agent meets girl, agent falls in love with girl, agent loses girl, end of the world etc. But told in a highly entertaining fashion, so …

… I liked it.


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