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Saturday, 26 November 2005

Upgrade to iTunes 6

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I’m slowly catching up on my upgrade backlog now that I have some more free time (might even get around to upgrading my desktop pc to Debian sarge some of these days), and today I installed iTunes 6.0.1. Well, I tried to anyway.

After installing it via Software Update, about one fourth of my music library were suddenly missing. All the files were in their respective directories, they just didn’t turn up in iTunes. (NB: Those were all files that I ripped from CD, not purchased via iTMS.)

On top of that, Software Update somehow hadn’t registered that the new iTunes was already installed and still offered it to me for upgrade. So I installed it again, this time from the downloadable disk image. This time, Software Update registered the upgrade, but I had to reboot during the installation. I have to reboot to install a new iTunes version? Why is that? It’s just a music player!

But my songs were still missing, and nothing I found on the web described this problem.

In the end, I dragged the “iTunes Music” folder to the “Library” in iTunes. This caused iTunes to re-import the songs, but of course, all the ratings etc. that are stored in iTunes, not in the MP3 file itself, were lost.

And people wonder why I’m reluctant to upgrade.


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