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Saturday, 20 August 2005

Armistead Maupin: Maybe the Moon

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[cover]Most people will know Armistead Maupin from the hugely successful “Tales of the City” series, a kind of poor man’s “Sex and the City” of the early nineties.

The author with the unpronouncable first name (allegedly a mangled version of the German “Darmstadt") wrote another, less well-known book at the same time: “Maybe the Moon” is the fictional diary of one Cadence Roth, actress, and all of 31 inches tall. Cadence is the world’s smallest actress; her star role was the lovely elf Mr. Woods in a fantasy blockbuster – hidden under a latex costume and uncredited. Her diary chronicles her attempts to gain recognition as an actress in an industry that has no need for dwarves and freaks. The tone is much like the Tales of the City – funny, sympathetic, and strong.

The real-life inspiration for Cadence Roth was Tamara De Treaux, who helped operate the E.T. puppet in Steven Spielberg’s movie, but was only credited as “Special E.T. Movement", not as an actress who portrayed E.T.


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