orphidite: SPARCserver 670MP (4/600)

Sun Microsystems
SM51 (TMS390C50 (SuperSPARC) at 50MHz, 1MB cache)
2x Fujitsu (SCSI, 5.25", 1GB), Seagate (SCSI, 5.25", 1.3GB)
Frame buffer
cgsix (1152x900 at 66Hz, 8bit)
SCSI, 10baseT, serial, video, keyboard+mouse
Sun single-speed CDROM, QIC-150 streamer
NetBSD 1.5, Linux 2.2.18, Solaris 2.5

One of the last (or even the last) Sun systems to use the VME bus, which served as bus system for the Sun 2 and Sun 3 series. It is installed in a so-called deskside enclosure -- 62 cm high, 48  wide and 72  wide. It has 12 VME slots, room for four 5.25" SCSI devices, a 1000W power supply, and a fan tray with 9  fans.

Support for the VME bus and the 4/600 was removed in Solaris 2.6, but apparently you can patch it to run on this machine too. (You can't use the VME bus, though.)

I upgraded this machine with new ROMs (thanks, Matt!) and a faster processor (thanks, Mike!), and I transplanted it into a 3/60 case, so the name is even more appropriate (for all of you who are familiar with the "John Difool" comics series.) There are some problems with this case, for example with the serial interfaces and the AUI interface, but they can be solved with some creative soldering.

This machine now belongs to Jochen Kunz.

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