moebius: Intel Celeron SMP

Intel Celeron at 433MHz, 2 processors
Seagate ST34520N (SCSI, 3.5", 4.5GB), Seagate ST39140N (SCSI, 3.5". 9GB), HITACHI DK224A-14 (IDE, 2.5", 1.3GB)
Frame buffer
Matrox Millennium II (1152x864 at 100Hz)
2x SCSI (AHA1502, Tekram DC-390U), 10base2 (21041), 3x serial, parallel, audio (SoundBlaster Live Player 1024), keyboard, mouse
Plextor PX-40TS CDROM drive, Yamaha CRW8424S CD writer, anonymous ATAPI CDROM drive, IBM PS/2 keyboard, Genius GM-F303 mouse, Iiyama 17" monitor, Umax Astra 1220S scanner, Okipage 10ex printer
Linux 2.2.16 (Debian 2.2)

This one is my main machine, obviously. Pretty fast, nice keyboard (one of the old IBM PS/2 keyboards, second only to the original IBM PC keyboard, which I also have, but which, sadly, doesn't work with an AT,) nice mouse, nice graphics card (sharpest picture I've ever seen.)

But it's still Intel hardware, unfortunately. It has developed a funny (well, not really) quirk: When I power it on in the morning, the system does not come up, and the graphics stay blank. If I power it off again and switch it on, it works. I jumpered the disks so that they only spin up when they get a start unit command from the host adapter, so it's not too hard on them, but it's annoying nonetheless.

No, it's not the power supply (I tested it with an Enermax power supply), nor the graphics card, so it can only be the mainboard. I'll probably buy one of those dual Athlon board when they finally come out; that should give me enough horsepower for some years to come.

I sold this one to Patrick Cernko, who wanted to use it as a server and so wasn't going to turn it on very often.

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